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Established in the UK but with a truly global media reach, Spotlight Communications’ creative and passionate team delivers impactful PR results and thrives on cultivating personal relationships, a tactical understanding of what resonates with whom, and the added value we deliver.


We are proud to work closely with the world’s most regarded luxury, lifestyle and travel editors, journalists and influencers, relationships that have been developed and nurtured over time. 

We create successful integrated PR strategies that deliver tangible results, based on a collaborative, imaginative and agile approach.

We deliver millions of £, $ and € worth of valuable print, online editorial and digital exposure to elevate our clients and their business goals every year.

We are highly recommended by those that matter – our clients, as well as key media from all four corners of the world.

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current clients

Our commitment to excellence means that the average length of our current client relationships now stands at more than five years. Expanding through word-of-mouth recommendations, our long-term vision is to grow with only the best. More than just business, our clients define us.

Spotlight Communications Travel & Event PR - Client Testimonials

success stories

A selection of past client success stories we are proud to share.


Luxurique is a luxury hospitality specialist curating experiential travel itineraries for international visitors to Japan.

Over a number of years, Spotlight Communications was engaged to bring greater awareness to the Luxurique brand and its bespoke travel offerings to an international audience. The activity included both B2B and B2C activity, personal profiling and a pro-active thought-leadership strategy.